Your private office, your own time

Offisquare provides you workspace, meeting rooms and events venue in big and medium locations in Italy.
No expensive monthly subscriptions, pay by the hour.

How Does It Work?

No subscriptions, you pay only for the time you spend in the office.

1) Choose your office

Find the your location! Our spaces are easily customisable to suit your need: workspace, meeting room or events

2) Book online

Booking has never been so fast and easy. We introduce you a new concept of office: pay only for the hours you use it

3) Start working!

You will receive a unique code on your smartphone to access our offices, 24/7, every day of the year!

Find and book your office & meeting rooms starting from 8,50 €/hr

Save up to 50% by booking in advance!


Why Offisquare is your next workspace


We send a code to your smartphone so you can access the offices anytime you want.

Hourly payment

No subscriptions, you pay only for the time you spend in the office! Start from 0,90€ / hr

Suits your needs

Our spaces are modular in order to suit your needs. Meeting, interview or work? We got you covered.


Choose the best location for you, book on our website, pay online and directly access the space!

Fast Connection

Wifi is super fast and with back-up so we never let you down

High-tech equipment

IoT solution to access and touch screen monitors to work on

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About Us

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The working patterns are quickly evolving and so should the offices. Our team of experienced entrepreneurs wants to disrupt the real estate industry through the newest technologies..

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