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Our past experiences in Telecommunications and Mobile gave us the idea to transform and modify a physical workspace in something flexible and easy to use.
This is how we realised the importance of creating spaces like Offisquare with the goal of smoothen the process of finding an office or a meeting room, without the hassle of long term subscriptions or contracts.

The way we do business is rapidly and radically changing and moving toward short term solutions that well fit the flexibility of the modern startup & entrepreneurial culture, hence the Offisquare model. Following this culture, we decided to implement a model that fosters and supports growth: pay per use and pay as you grow.

A big component of our offer is advanced technology. We are indeed focusing and constantly improving the process of accessing offices and work autonomously – our offices don’t have a community manager as you will be able to access, connect and utilise space and equipments by yourself thanks to your smartphone and our IoT solution.

Made with love in Milan,
Offisquare Team

Cristina Montanari and Alessandro Morelli together combine 30+ years in Telecommunication, Business Development & Hospitality. Now, it’s more than 3 years they are trying to change the way we live the office.

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