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Credits system to book private space and meeting rooms

Welcome to Offisquare! Are you booking by credits, this is a guide to do it!

  1. Signup to the website by social login or creating a new account at the top right icon
  2. Go to MyAccount page
  3. Select the credit package option, the credits depend on the size of the recharge option
  4. Go to checkout and payout by paypal/credit card
  5. After payment you receive the credits in your account wallet

Now you can book whatever you like by credits:

  1. Select the space you need , select date, duration, numebr of people if requested, book now
  2. You can do multiple bookings
  3. Check at the checkout all bookings, you can cancel one of them and modify
  4. Confirm the checkout: you can choose to pay again by paypal/credit card or by credits
  5. The price in € + VAT is for paypal/credit card, the price in credits VAT included for payments by credits.
  6. Select pay by credits, confirm. The amount of credits in your wallet will be deducted.
  7. You will receive a confirmation email for each booking in the order.

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